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Meet your closest contacts within the Golden State College. You’ll come to rely on them as much as you will family and friends. Throughout your college journey, you’ll lean on members of your Advisor Support Team for academic and financial guidance, as well as the occasional words of encouragement.

Your Academic Support Team will be your teachers at the Golden State College. Whether you’re participating in an online discussion, conducting academic research, or writing a paper, you will rely on their expertise to excel in your studies. Your Academic Support Team will give you the tools and show you how to use them, but every achievement will belong to you.




Your instructors are experts in their fields, and you will come to know each of them during your journey. When you begin a new course, introduce yourself to your instructor, learn what’s expected of you in the class, and ask what you can do to get the most out of the course. Many Global Campus alumni remain in close contact with their instructors after graduation.


Online University Librarian


Your Distance Learning Librarian will you help you navigate the databases of the Golden State College Library. When you need assistance with academic research, you can chat with a librarian online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Chat can be accessed through the Library homepage, and you can often get your answer quickly. You can also call or email a librarian for assistance. Your librarian is there to make the research process easy, effective, and efficient.


Online Writing Tutors


As a student, you will be formatting your research and discussion topics using the APA writing standard. An Online Writing Tutor will be there to help you succeed, offering you guidance and resources related to writing best practices. Online Writing Tutors can also review your assignments or papers before you turn them in. You can reach the tutors through the Writing Center tab in your course.



Enrollment Services Advisor


Your Enrollment Services Advisor will be your first and primary contact when you apply to GSC. This person will help you research your options and select the degree program that fits your goals. You’ll get help with your application and organizing important information; and your advisor will guide you through your first course at Global Campus.


Student Advisor


Once you complete your first course, you’ll begin working with your Student Advisor. This person will help you track your progress, navigate the online classroom and available resources, and help you adjust your schedule if necessary. Global Campus Student Advisors provide you with support and encouragement needed to overcome challenges and be successful in class. Bottom line: if you have a question and don’t know where else to turn, talk to your Student Advisor.


Financial Services Advisor


Managing your financial aid is a critical, but not always easy, part of the college experience. Your Financial Services Advisor (FSA) will be there to take away some of your stress. This person will provide guidance on payment options and resources, help you manage your account and avoid balance issues, and counsel you on loan repayment options. You can ask your FSA anything about the financial aspect of going to school.


Other Student Support Teams


Academic Support Team
Registrar Support Team
Career Services Support Team
Student Access and Wellness Support Team

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