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Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Become empowered to help create solutions for a more secure America. Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Management degree from GSC and gain a broad view of emergency preparedness and security. You will learn in-depth emergency management planning and response, study the cultural and political causes of terrorism, and search for homeland security management solutions.


In the Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Management degree, you will be exposed to relevant topics such as counter-terrorism, emergency planning for natural disasters, response to terrorism, and research and analysis. In the post-911 era, the US government created the Department of Homeland Security, which prepares for, prevents, and responds to domestic emergencies. Along with the need for tightened security, there is a need for emergency management to deal with the consequences of attacks and natural disasters. This comprehensive degree program educates security professionals in both areas. Upon completion of your emergency management degree , you will be able to:


Demonstrate a comprehension of relevant bodies of law, the intelligence community, and international, political, social, and cultural environments

Develop critical thinking skills for effective problem solving relative to crisis management issues, principles, and procedures

Understand the importance of the historic, cultural, and diversity aspects of selected populations

Demonstrate the ability to write a substantive report or analysis using strong research skills and technical writing proficiency

Evaluate data and analyze the validity of the information

Create a report that demonstrates the ability to retrieve information from relevant websites including the pertinent governmental websites and repositories of information

Evaluate the ethical implications of Homeland Security measures


Summary of Degree Units


University Graduation Requirements    35

Major Preparation    17

Major Core Requirements    43

Concentration Requirements    18

University Electives    7

Total    120


University Requirements for Graduation


Students must complete all residency, curriculum, unit, and GPA requirements as outlined in the Undergraduate Graduation Requirements section of the Policies and Procedures.


The 4-Year Roadmap is available online. Roadmaps should be used in consultation with the catalog and your advisor to identify additional requirements for completing the major (for example, course grade minimums). Associate Degrees (ADT) Pathways are also available online.

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