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Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management

Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management. Discover the necessary skills needed to recruit, motivate, and retain employees in your organization by becoming an effective management leader. By earning your bachelor’s in human resources management, you will learn foundational HR skills, as well as comprehensive business practices. Scholarships are also available.


A bachelor's in human resources degree can prepare you for a variety of careers where problem-solving and communication skills are a must. More specifically, an HR degree can equip you with the skills needed to work in the human resources field. As an HR professional, you can be a necessary asset to a successful business, and you will be ready for a variety of business settings. A bachelor's in human resource will teach you the fundamentals and best practices of HR as well as help prepare you for ethical and legal decision making.



Summary of Degree Units


University Graduation Requirements    35

Major Preparation    3

Major Core Requirements    24

Concentration Electives    18-23

University Electives    35-40

Total    120


University Requirements for Graduation


Students must complete all residency, curriculum, unit, and GPA requirements as outlined in the Undergraduate Graduation Requirements section of the Policies and Procedures.


The 4-Year Roadmap is available online. Roadmaps should be used in consultation with the catalog and your advisor to identify additional requirements for completing the major (for example, course grade minimums). Associate Degrees (ADT) Pathways are also available online.

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