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Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems

With an business information systems degree, you will build a repository of skills in the modern business environment. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems degree from enables graduates to understand the interaction, planning, development, operations of information systems and information sharing within a business or organization.


Business information systems are sets of connected procedures that include the analysis and organization of business information through the application of technology. A business information systems degree explores these procedures and ideas by teaching students how to blend core concepts from a traditional business administration degree and a technology-related degree. These concepts can include management, operations, and information systems.


All businesses contain information related to their products and internal structure. With this degree, you will learn how to comprise this business information through technology. This specific major is directed toward practical applications in the business world and is less theoretical than a traditional information systems degree. You will learn how to formulate and develop business-strategic plans while aligning information system principles with business strategies. This degree is for individuals who want to work with computers while specifically utilizing them to design, build, and evaluate business-related information systems.



Summary of Degree Units


University Graduation Requirements    35

Major Preparation    17

Major Core Requirements    40

Concentration Requirements    27

University Electives    1

Total    120


University Requirements for Graduation


Students must complete all residency, curriculum, unit, and GPA requirements as outlined in the Undergraduate Graduation Requirements section of the Policies and Procedures.


The 4-Year Roadmap is available online. Roadmaps should be used in consultation with the catalog and your advisor to identify additional requirements for completing the major (for example, course grade minimums). Associate Degrees (ADT) Pathways are also available online.

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