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University Values

Equity. Inclusion and mutual respect. We learn from one another and commit to the advancement of an inclusive culture in which every individual is treated with dignity and fairness.

Empowerment. Inspiring and enabling. We give individuals the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Quality. Unsurpassed and high caliber. We are consistently striving for the highest quality in our programs.

Ingenuity. Inventive and proactive. We thrive on positive disruption and strive to continuously improve.

Guidance. Encouraging and supportive. We provide a nurturing environment for faculty, staff, and students to learn and grow.

Mission Statement of the College

The mission of the Golden State College is to provide high-quality, accessible, affordable, innovative educational programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing advancement in their lives, professions, and communities.

Purpose Statements

To offer educational programs that meet the needs of diverse learners and support student success and completion.

To integrate current technology that cultivates student-centered learning experiences led by dedicated and qualified faculty wherein students gain knowledge and build skills that support personal and professional development.

To provide learning opportunities that help students synthesize theory and practice, enabling them to respond ethically to contemporary issues and complex problems.

To foster a rich student learning environment focused on diverse social, ethnic, economic, and educational experiences and thereby prepare and empower graduates to be collaborative and inclusive within their communities.

To work closely with employers and workforce development experts to identify the workplace skills and competencies that will enhance our graduates' abilities to contribute to their organizations, achieve greater professional and personal success, and strengthen their organizations.

To place priority on innovation, continuous assessment, and improvement of student learning, curriculum development, access to learning resources, and responsive students services. 

To maintain operational, financial, and strategic strength that ensures the future of the Golden State College。

Adult Students

Majors and Programs




A Shared Vision

Leadership at Golden State College is defined by a belief that shared decision making and collaborative university governance is at the core of our culture. With this inclusive approach as a guide, President  and the university's leadership promote discussion and engagement among faculty, staff, students and the community to shape and accomplish the goals of Golden State College

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