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DBA in Leadership and Management

What Is a Quantitative Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) With
an Leadership and Management?

DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) is the highest level of management education. The study of the DBA programme is designed primarily for graduates of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and 2nd degree university graduates (Ing. or Mgr.) with at least five years experience in managerial positions.

Students pursuing their quantitative DBA with an Emphasis in Leadership and Management will focus on examining and analyzing events by interpreting numeric data. They will use statistical tools to clean, assess and study data, whereas students pursing their qualitative DBA will use research studies to gain insight into how and why people think, believe and behave a certain way.


Focus Your DBA in Leadership and Management

Demonstrate your commitment to professional excellence by earning your DBA with an Emphasis in Leadership and Management. Offered by College of Business & Technology of Doctoral Studies, the DBA in Leadership and Management delivers a rigorous curriculum that blends transformative business practices with strategic management theory. The program empowers executives and those in leadership roles to apply sound business principles within a wide range of sectors.


Our DBA with an Emphasis in Management enables learners to study from anywhere at any time.  connecting learners to fully-qualified instructors. Learners benefit from the diverse perspectives of peers and the ongoing mentorship of faculty members through the dissertation process.


Research Business Tools and Become a Leader

GSC encourages learners to study the curriculum through the lens of the worldview. There is an emphasis on the role of ethical decision making and the principles of servant leadership for current and aspiring business leaders. Learners will benefit from polishing their communication skills, critically analyzing data and integrating systematic feedback to achieve programmatic competencies.


Students pursuing their Doctor of Business Administration degree in Leadership and Management will take courses such as management theory in a global economy, emerging issues in financial management and designing organizational structures. In this minimum 60-credit program, students will also study the following topic areas:


          Theories and frameworks that drive financial decision making in 21st century organizations with a focus on the changing business environment

          Seminal management theories and their application to support organizational sustainability in a global economy

          The relationship between organizational design and structures including the theoretical foundations of decision making

          The legal aspects of business management with an emphasis on limiting organizational liability in an ethical manner

          Microeconomic principles and their application to the solution of business problems


At key intervals in this program, students will attend two or three five-day residencies. These are conducted on campus to enable learners to benefit from networking opportunities, peer feedback and intensive mentorship from faculty members. During the first residency, learners acquire advanced skills in academic research that will provide the framework for their dissertation work. During the second residency, learners are expected to present their scholarly work and be progressing in their dissertation.


Prepare for an Executive-Level Career in Business With a
Quantitative Leadership and Management DBA

Our Doctor of Business Administration degree with an Emphasis in Management prepares current and future business executives to develop a keen understanding of the 21st century challenges and opportunities in the corporate world. Graduates may pursue opportunities in domestic or international businesses or elect to nurture a career in consulting.


Some roles that may be related to this degree include the following:


  Chief executive officer

  Chief innovation officer

  Client executive

  Senior management consultant


  Operations leadership

Graduates who possess a DBA with an Emphasis in Leadership and Management may also decide to pursue positions at postsecondary education institutes. There, they may advance the overall knowledge of the field while instructing the next generation of business leaders.

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