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Advanced Master of Business Administration

The Advanced MBA is a degree program for Advanced Management schools who aspire to become global leaders for business and society.


The Advanced MBA program gathers the most promising management students from around the world to exchange ideas and points of view that complement the knowledge and skills they learned in their home countries as MBA students.

Across all sectors, today’s global leaders must be outstanding managers. They must understand how competition works, how organizations function, and what makes leaders effective. They must have a firm grasp on major global risks and trends, thrive in cross-cultural environments, and know how to make meaningful connections across knowledge domains to craft innovative, entrepreneurial solutions to vexing problems. The Advanced MBA curriculum is built to enable students to nimbly meet these challenges of global leadership.


Our Curriculum


As an Advanced MBA student, you will participate in a required series of courses and discussions oriented around major trends in global business and the role of business leaders in today's society. You will also have the opportunity to curate your own intellectual journey at GSC.


All Advanced MBA students are expected to participate fully in Advanced MBA required courses in the fall  semester. Advanced MBA required courses brings together the diverse cohort for regular opportunities for exchange and learning. All Advanced MBA students are also expected to build a customized selection of elective courses that meet their personal interests and professional goals. The majority of the  Advanced MBA student’s course of study is self-designed through this selection of electives from across GSC


Advanced MBA Required Courses

There are two interconnected components that serve as the foundation of the Advanced MBArequired curriculum: Global Leadership: Big Issues and Global Leadership: Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness. The Advanced MBA program prepares you to embrace the challenges of global leadership through a carefully calibrated course of study. In addition to a series of required courses, a highlight of the Advanced MBA program is the opportunity you’ll have to tailor your curriculum by choosing from elective courses across GSC.


Global Leadership: Topics in Business & Society

A course featuring leading thinkers from across GSC addressing some of the most pressing global risks and trends and resulting business implications.


Global Leadership: Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness

An invitation to enrich and expand your leadership capacity through interactive workshops and guided peer-to-peer learning.


GSC Electives Courses

The Electives portion of the Advanced MBA curriculum provides you with the opportunity to curate your own intellectual journey at GSC, allowing you to build upon your already strong knowledge of business fundamentals and giving them a distinct leadership advantage. 

Students spend a year at GSC curating their own curricula, choosing from electives offered across the university. Students can either take a deep dive into a specific focus area of their choosing or select a wide range of topics covered in hundreds of elective courses. Along with elective courses, students will take two required classes, one where students discuss some of the biggest global issues facing leaderes today, and the other concentrating on leadership development.

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