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Master's Degree in Education

Expand your impact as an educator by demonstrating your commitment to educating others with an master's degree in education from the Golden State College. Make an impact on our schools with the expertise that derives from an advanced master’s degree in education.


The Master of Arts in Education degree at the University of Golden State College is designed to present a foundational perspective and increased specialization for educational leaders. You will study in depth those areas that most influence educational institutions, including instructional methods, curriculum design, assessment strategies, advanced pedagogical theory, and principles of leadership. Upon completion of your master’s in education, you will be able to:

Design appropriate, challenging and diverse learning experiences informed by contemporary, research-based theory and practice;

Design a variety of strategies and experiences to elicit evidence of learner growth and responsive instructional decisions;

Analyze research that generates positive social change along with evidence-based practices and academic writing;

Demonstrate innovative actions serving as advocates and change agents within communities by engaging in continuous professional growth

Construct effective methods of collaboration, communication, and partnership with colleagues, community, and stakeholders; and

Apply confidence, competence, and purpose around digital citizenship, consuming, creating, and communicating information and ideas using technology.


Program Requirements

Total number of credits: 36 credits

Core courses credits: 24 credits

Specialization courses credits: 12 credits

To be awarded the Master of Arts in Education degree, all students must complete 36 credits, with a 3.00 minimum grade point average.

Your 8 core education courses, worth 24 credits, define the foundation of knowledge and skills for you to provide instruction to diverse populations. Your specialization options are composed of courses that you can select for yourself, based on your personal interests and expertise. Your courses are taught by M.A. in education faculty members who represent a rich cross-section of education professionals who are leaders in the field. All have advanced degrees and many have relevant professional experience in educating others. These faculty members will enrich your learning environment with knowledge that can be related to your professional education career.


Major Course Requirements (24 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)



EDU 620 Meeting Individual Student Needs With Technology

EDU 645 Learning & Assessment for the 21st Century

EDU 650 Teaching, Learning & Leading in the 21st Century

EDU 673 Instructional Strategies for Differentiated Teaching & Learning

EDU 692 Creativity, Culture, & Global Contexts in Education Decision Making

EDU 694 Capstone I: Educational Research

EDU 696 Capstone II: Culminating Project


Special Education

ESE 601 Students with Exceptionalities in the School Setting


Delve into other areas of education when you add a specialization to your Master of Arts in Education program. Customize your M.A. in education even further by choosing one of the following specializations to add to your degree (12 credits):


Curriculum & Instruction

Early Childhood Education

Higher Education

Special Education

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