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Masters in Healthcare Administration

Improve the experience of healthcare providers and patients by taking your place in a fast-growing and innovative industry. Make moves to advance your healthcare career by pursuing your master’s degree in healthcare administration from the Golden State College


What is a Masters in Healthcare Administration?


A master’s degree in healthcare administration expands your knowledge of the healthcare field and is designed for those looking to find new opportunities within healthcare administration field. Due to the comprehensive and advanced nature of this master’s program in healthcare, it can be highly desirable to both students and potential employers in the industry.


The skills and knowledge you obtain from Golden State College will unlock a variety of opportunities, as this program will help you develop the skills needed to advance to a leadership position, and prepare you for management roles in the healthcare industry.


Our MHA program will incorporate integration and application of healthcare theories and concepts across the domains of organized healthcare. Topics addressed throughout the MHA curriculum include: finance, economics, leadership, quality improvement, risk management, health policy, law, ethics, strategic planning, information systems, statistical reasoning, and human resources. Upon completion of master’s healthcare administration degree, you will be able to:

Apply health care financial and accounting concepts in organizational decision making 

Apply principles of leadership in the developing of strategic goals, achieving organizational outcomes, and modeling professional values 

Formulate health care decisions consistent with legal and ethical standards  

Utilize health care information technology and statistical reasoning in organizational planning and decision-making

Demonstrate sensitivity to diversity in the health care setting  

Evaluate health care outcomes using quality improvement and risk standards  

Apply health care economic perspectives in the interpretation of health policy  

Apply problem-solving approaches in the resolution of health care issues  

Communicate the responsibility of a health care professional remaining current in their professional knowledge


Program Requirements

Total number of credits: 36 credits

Course requirements: 36 credits

To be awarded the Master of Arts in Health Care Administration degree, all students must complete 36 credit hours with a 3.00 minimum grade point average in all coursework attempted at the University.


Earn your Master of Arts in Health Care Administration from Golden State College. Deepen the value of your services with the expertise that derives from an advanced degree. The courses in this graduate curriculum are taught by advanced-degree faculty with real-world experience in the subjects they teach.


Major Course Requirements (36 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)


Master Health Care Administration

MHA 601 Principles of Health Care Administration

MHA 605 Business Intelligence

MHA 612 Financial & Managerial Accounting

MHA 616 Health Care Management Information Systems

MHA 618 Health Economics

MHA 620 Health Policy Analyses

MHA 622 Health Care Ethics & Law

MHA 624 Continuous Quality Improvements & Risk Management

MHA 626 Strategic Planning & Marketing in Health Care

MHA 628 Managed Care & Contractual Services

MHA 630 Global & Population Health: Comparative Systems

MHA 690 Health Care Capstone


Master of Public Health - Health Care Administration Track

MHA 618 Health Economics

MHA 620 Health Policy Analyses

MHA 622 Health Care Ethics & Law


Before pursuing your master’s degree in healthcare administration, it’s important to understand the requirements that are needed. Our graduate-level healthcare administration program requires students to have a bachelor’s degree and be in good educational standings. While a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration is not specifically required, it is usually recommended, as many of the core foundations that are established within a bachelor’s degree are expanded on during this master’s program.

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