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Human Services Masters Degree Program

Gain the skills to be a leader at service organizations with your master's degree in human services from the Golden State College. In this degree program, you will be taught by qualified human services faculty members as they help you develop an understanding of the different values, goals, and lifestyles of service consumers and employees. You will also learn how to guide the work of others to deliver services effectively and make a real impact on the lives of others.


The master's in human services will teach you how to navigate the structure and operations of service organizations. You will develop your own management skills, with an emphasis on topics such as grant-writing, planning, managing budgets, implementing information systems, and leading people. Your human services coursework also includes an integrative project, where you will apply your knowledge in a practical way to solve a human services problem. Upon completion of your Human Services degree you will be able to:


Develop a historical context of human services

Evaluate various human systems as they relate to the human services field

Explain human service delivery systems in relation to populations served, organizations, and models of service delivery

Develop research and written communication skills applied to the human services field

Construct a program plan, program review, and community-needs assessment

Explain knowledge, theory, and skills pertaining to interventions and direct services

Examine operational, organizational and administrative aspects of human services

Explain the need to ethically remain mindful and respectful of each client’s values 

Synthesize values and personal world views for self-awareness, professional development, and personal development



Program Requirements

Total number of credits required: 33 credits

Core course requirement: 24 credits

Specialization course requirements: 9 credits

To be awarded the Master of Arts in Human Services degree, all students must complete 33 credit hours with a 3.00 minimum 


Core Course Requirements: (24 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)


Human Services

HUM 5010 Overview of Human Services

HUM 5100 Integrative Project for Human Services

HUM 5300 Human Services Delivery Skills & Processes

HUM 6100 Group Theories & Human Systems


Organizational Leadership

ORG 6499 Cultural Diversity & Individual Differences

ORG 6520 Professional Ethics, Standards of Practice & Law



PSY 5130 Life Span Development



RES 5240 Applied Research Methods

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