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Master’s in Organizational Management 

Develop professional competence in a world of rapid change with your  Master’s in Organizational Management degree from the Golden State College. Learn how to maintain and manage an organization’s activities and employees in a wide variety of organizational management situations. Earn the necessary management expertise to deal with the human aspects of a business organization and inspire others in the workplace. 


Master’s in Organizational Management degree allows you to develop advanced skills in dealing with the complex problems that organizations and individuals face in today's marketplace. A master’s in organizational management offers you courses in organizational change, marketing, decision making, strategic thinking, and innovation that will cultivate the landscape for building an organizational culture that embraces quality and diversity. Pursuing a degree in organizational management allows you to develop the skills needed in order to be a successful organizational manager in the area of business or industry that you decide to follow. Upon completion of this degree program, you will be able to:


Evaluate the role of management practice in organizations and the managerial processes to effectively implement an organizational communication plan

Analyze common behavioral factors that are present in organizations

Analyze the factors that shape the legal environment of an organization

Develop processes and policies to manage human capital in organizations

Evaluate the importance of ethics and corporate social responsibility 

Develop a framework of analysis for strategic planning


Program Requirements

Total number of credits required: 33 credits

Core Requirement: 24 credits

Standard Program/Specialization Requirements: 9 Credits

To be awarded the Master of Arts in Organizational Management degree, all students must complete 33 semester credit hours with a 3.00 minimum grade point average. The first 8 courses are core requirements, followed by three courses that correspond to the specialization of your choice.



Your master’s in organizational management degree empowers you to become an effective leader with global vision and awareness. You will choose to complete either the standard master’s in organizational management program, which emphasizes the human side of leadership, or add one of the several diverse and dynamic specializations to enhance your organizational management degree.


Major Course Requirements (24 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)


Standard Program Courses (no specialization) (9 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)



BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology Tools

BUS 610 Organizational Behavior

BUS 670 Legal Environment



MGT 601 The Functions of Modern Management


Organizational Management

OMM 615 Strategies: Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations

OMM 618 Human Resources Management

OMM 622 Financial Decision-making

OMM 640 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

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