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MS in Technology Management (MSTM)

The Master of Science in Technology Management degree from the College of Business & Technology at the Golden State College provides you with skills required for employment in fields that leverage the application of technology in a managerial role.


The degree program allows you to leverage the full potential of technology and organizational resources to achieve business objectives. You will study managerial skills required to successfully deploy technology to improve decision making, enhance operational efficiencies, prepare policies and action plans, and promote new products and services resulting in organizational profitability.


Scholarships are also available.


Program Requirements

Total number of credits: 36 credits

Core Course Requirements: 27 credits

Elective Course Requirements: 9 credits

To be awarded the Master of Science in Technology Management degree, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework. Students are required to complete the nine core courses; each course is equivalent to three credit hours. Students must also select and complete three of the elective courses. Each elective course is equivalent to three credit hours.  

Students entering the MSTM program will have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. It is strongly preferred that the undergraduate degree be in a science, technology, or engineering discipline. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in other disciplines may request a waiver from the Dean of the College of Business & Technology by providing satisfactory evidence that documents prior practical work experience equivalent to the knowledge found in a preferred program. 


The Master of Science in Technology Management will build both your technological knowledge and your business skills. Coursework covers strategy, governance, organizational management, and the role of technology in specific fields. You’ll also explore business essentials such as project planning, operations management, procurement, statistics, financial accounting, and business ethics. Learn how to get the most out of technology and the people who use it. Upon completion of the Master of Science in Technology Management degree program, you will be able to:

Assess business adaptations of information and technology to enhance the strategic competitive advantage of an organization

Identify, model, and promote the required management and leadership skills to succeed in a culture of innovation

Plan the implementation of technical projects while effectively utilizing human and financial resources to improve the operational efficiencies of an organization 

Determine the appropriate technologies to enhance communication and collaboration within an organization

Analyze issues of ethical and social responsibility within an organization


The core curriculum for the Master of Science in Technology Management covers the management essentials needed to make technology decisions that solve business problems in an organization. You will also select three elective courses that will add further focus to your degree program. Elective course options include BUS 612, BUS 642, BUS 660, BUS 661, INF 620, INF 630, ISM 643, MHA 605, MHA 616, and MHA 626. 


Core Course Requirements and Electives (27 core course credits and 9 elective course credits, all courses are 3 credits.)




BUS 591 Financial Accounting & Analysis

BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology Tools

BUS 611 Project Planning & Management

BUS 612 Advanced Project Procurement

BUS 642 Business Research Methods & Tools

BUS 644 Operations Management

BUS 660 Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership

BUS 661 Leading Organizational Change


Information Systems

INF 620 Management of Information Systems

INF 630 Systems Analysis & Design


Information Systems Management

ISM 643 Leadership in Business Systems Development



MAT 540 Statistical Concepts for Research


Master Health Care Administration

MHA 605 Business Intelligence

MHA 616 Health Care Management Information Systems

MHA 626 Strategic Planning & Marketing in Health Care


Organizational Management

OMM 640 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility


Technology Management

TMG 601 Technology Strategy and Governance

TMG 602 Management of Technology

TMG 699 Technology Management Capstone

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